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"Specializing in products and services for the traditional oarsman, our goal is to enhance your rowing experience. Give us a call or email."
~ Rodger C. Swanson, Proprietor

Our “custom fit’ approach includes plans, design/build, oars, hardware and accessories tailored as a unified package to best suit your needs.

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(All tallow product labels start with "Oarsman Marine . . .")

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Oarsman Marine Tallow Basic Packet

Oarsman Marine Tallow Basic Packet:  Two-part system with instructions for seasoning and maintaining marine leather (oar and gaff jaw leathers) and oarlock sockets: $19.95

Oarsman Marine Ships Carpenter's Bench Tallow

Oarsman Marine Ships Carpenter's Bench Tallow:  A combination of marine tallow and   beeswax that is a traditional lubricant for threaded fastenings, seasoning and maintaining wood body planes and a variety of other applications. Instructions provided. Eight ounce (8 oz) tin: $23.95

Oarsman Marine Kitchen Tallow

Oarsman Marine Kitchen Tallow:  For restoring, seasoning and maintaing cast iron cookware. Instructions included.
Four ounce (4 oz) tin: $12.95

Eight ounce (8 oz) tin: $22.95

Oarsman Marine Tallow Handi-Stick

Oarsman Marine Tallow Handi-Stick:  Our marine tallow in a convenient applicator for re-dressing oar leathers or replenishing socket lubricant while out on the water. Specify plastic or biodegradable dispenser please. Two and a half ounce (2.5 oz) tube:

Biodegradable - $12.95

Plastic - $14.95
Note: Plastic dispenser holds an additional half ounce


Our kits are for leathering oars, masts and spars. All come with complete instructions (supplemented with drawings and photographs), leather panels, lacing, needles, leather "punch" and a clamp for setting the buttons after the leathers are installed. Except for the Islander Utility Oar Leather Kit, all come with the Oarsman Marine Basic Packet for seasoning and maintaing the leathers after installation.

We've also added a nifty leather bailer and a reverse card rowing compass.

Blackburn Premium Oar Leather Kit

Blackburn Premium Oar Leather Kit:  6 1/2 x 14" vegetable tanned* 4 -5 oz. leather panels plus above accessories:  $75.00

*Vegetable tanned leather has a smoother denser outer surface that lasts substantially longer than the more commonly used chrome tanned leather.

Merrimac Oar Leather Kit

Merrimac Oar Leather Kit:  6 1/2 x 14" 4 - 5 oz. chrome tanned leather panels plus above accessories.  A bit easier to install than the vegetable tanned.  Holds up just fine for occasional to moderate frequency and intensity of rowing: $67.50

Islander Utility Oar Leather Kit

Islander Utility Oar Leather Kit:  6 1/2 x 9" 4 -5 oz. chrome tanned leather.  Intended for smaller "around the harbor" workboats and dinghies with shorter oars.  Panels are pre-punched for convenience of application.  Kit doesn't include tallow: $55.00

“Jack Tar” Spar Leather Kit

“Jack Tar” Spar Leather Kit: Wooden small boat spars are subjected to the amount of wear similar that to which oars are subjected. The leather panel protects the mast where it comes in contact with the partner.

NOTE: If you want to leather a spar as well as the mast, please call or e-mail us so the kit content can be adjusted accordingly. The kit includes the same high quality, wear resistant vegetable tanned leather used in our oar leather kits, along with lacing, harness needles, measuring tape, leather “punch,” clamp to hold leather in place while installing, 2-part tallow system for seasoning the leather, and instructions.  You will need a sharp knife (a standard utility knife works well), metal straight edge and contact cement.

Select Spar Diameter

Joe’s Leather Bailer

Joe’s Leather Bailer: Ben Fuller introduced us to this nifty “water relocation device.” The leather scoop has sufficient stiffness to retain capacity but is pliable enough to access areas a rigid bailer can’t.  It’s the only bailer we know of that won’t ding up nice traditional paint or varnish. It’s made with a cherry backplate, lathe-turned handle and the “scoop” is vegetable-tanned shoulder leather is fastened with copper slate nails. The handle is drilled for a lanyard, which is provided. Use and care instructions included.

Cost $55.00