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Products and Prices

TALLOW PRODUCTS (All tallow product labels start with "Oarsman Marine . . .")

NOTE:  Prices do not include shipping.

1. Oarsman Marine Tallow Basic Packet:  Two-part system with instructions for seasoning and maintaining marine leather (oar and gaff jaw leathers) and oarlock sockets.

2. Oarsman Marine Ships Carpenter's Bench Tallow:  A combination of marine tallow and   beeswax that is a traditional lubricant for threaded fastenings, seasoning and maintaining wood body planes and a variety of other applications. Instructions provided.
8 oz. tin—$20.00

3.  Oarsman Marine Kitchen Tallow:  For restoring, seasoning and maintaing cast iron cookware. Instructions included.
4 oz. tin—$10.00

4.  Oarsman Marine Tallow Handi-Stick:  Our marine tallow in a convenient applicator for re-dressing oar leathers or replenishing socket lubricant while out on the water. 2.5 oz tube $10.00 Specify plastic or biodegradable dispenser please.

LEATHER PRODUCT KITS:  These are for leathering oars, masts and spars.  All come with complete instructions (supplemented with drawings and photographs), leather panels, lacing, needles, leather "punch" and a clamp for setting the buttons after the leathers are installed. Except for the ""Islander" Utility Oarl Leather Kit, all come with the Oarsman Marine Basic Packet for seasoning and maintaing the leathers after installation

1.  "Blackburn" Premium Oar Leather Kit:  6 1/2 x 14" vegetable tanned* 4 -5 oz. leather panels plus above accessories.  *(Vegetable tanned leather has a smoother denser outer surface that lasts substantially longer than the more commonly used chrome tanned leather.)

2.  "Merrimac" Oar Leather Kit:  6 1/2 x 14" 4 - 5 oz. chrome tanned leather panels plus above accessories.  A bit easier to install than the vegetable tanned.  Holds up just fine for occasional to moderate frequency and intensity of rowing.

3. "Islander" Utility Oar Leather Kit:  6 1/2 x 9" 4 -5 oz. chrome tanned leather.  Intended for smaller "around the harbor" workboats and dinghies with shorter oars.  Panels are pre-punched for convenience of application.  Kit doesn't include tallow.